Test answers 10-7-13

Today my students and I spent pretty much all day in the computer lab taking a test on math and reading that took most of the day.  When I was grading the open ended responses, I had to laugh at some of the answers and plus share some of them with you! To keep the “integrity” of the test, I did change things around a little  🙂

Question: Compare 8.47 and 8.4

Answer #1:  8.47<8.4 8.4 is greater because the lower number is better. The higher the number the lost.

Answer #2: they are equal because you could just take away the 8 because you rounded it so it is equal

Answer #3 You cone compare it and it will be alot. like you can put eight and eight and fourty seven and four then you get the answer write or you can add it some more with it then it will be a big number

Answer #4  8.47 is because the more number behind the dot the shorter it is

Question: Bill runs 10.8 meters per second. Could he run 50 meters in 5 seconds?

Answer #1 No because thats fast but when he grows he will change speed limit

Answer #2 Bill try to run at the rate for 50 meters and 5 seconds. Bill try to be the home of 10.8 to 50 meter for 5 seconds

Answer #3 No because meters are quit short or long thats unless he is fast and good at running

Answer #4 No because Bill is going to get very tired before he even gets to the end of 5 seconds

Answer #5 I don’t no if Bill is going to run the 50 meter dash in 5 seconds he probley needs to practice alot

I know the answers are misspelled but I thought it would be funnier to leave it like they students wrote it. I do hope you have had a good laugh. They lightened up my day!


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