Drawing Lines

I wanted to put a question to you all but first allow me to set the stage.

A fellow teacher and I were talking after school earlier this week and he was telling me about his daughter, who is in high school, being assigned a book to read on incest and rape. Apparently, this book goes in to graphic detail. I was appalled that this was allowed. He continued on saying that the teacher told his wife that she doesn’t have any say about this.

Where do you draw the line? What about “alternative lifestyle awareness”? Should this be promoted in public school? What should be parent responsibility and what should be school’s responsibility?



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2 responses to “Drawing Lines

  1. This is a tough one to answer — I know I wouldn’t be happy about the particular book you described because I feel public schools should be teaching academics and facts – and I think there is a gray area though – should high school kids be taught about rape? Maybe…they’re at an impressionable age where they should be reminded that it is never acceptable so an awareness week or assembly, possibly, but a literary assignment? I don’t think I’m on board with that. My son is 11 an in 6th grade so I’m sure I’ll be facing these issues myself in the coming years and I guess we’ll see if my thoughts about it change.

    • You are right about awareness week or assembly. Students do need to be aware that it is not acceptable.

      Once your son gets into middle school and high school you will have to decide about sex ed as well. I do not know if the book being assigned is a national thing or not.

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