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Any other teacher or parents get tired of all the testing we have for the students? Three times a year the students take Discovery (math and reading) and Achieve (math and reading). Then there is state testing at the end of the year not to mention the weekly tests and the STAR math, STAR Reading and SRI (Scholastic Reading Inventory) that is done about once a month.

I know that it is great for the students to see their improvements throughout the year but all this testing is exhausting!!!


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Monday Rant 10-7-13

I think I tend to be oversensitive or people just need to watch their vocal tone. We had our weekly team meeting and I just feel like every time we have these meetings that people just pick apart what I do. I don’t tell them how to run their class and question every thing they do but its ok for them to do this to me. Furthermore, why do they get all the “new technology” and not have to share….

My district, in their infinite wisdom, decided we need to test twice a quarter plus all the other tests we do throughout the year AND the weekly tests the students have to take. The student spend more time testing then they do learning. We need an overhaul on education.

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Famous Native Americans


So this past week I was attempting to have a discussion with my student about famous Native Americans. I asked them if they knew the names of any famous Native Americans. My┬ástudents started calling out names like George Washington, Cesar Chavez and Martin Luther King Jr. The only thing I could do was laugh and prod their minds to point them in right direction ­čÖé

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